Rowan Blanchard, former star of Girl Meets World, lands a role as Alexandra, a self-assured 17-year-old, in TNT’s upcoming TV series Snowpiercer. As someone with mysterious connections to the history of Snowpiercer, she will guest star with a potential option to become a series regular if the series should renew for a second season.

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Deadline reported that the series will be set 7 years after the events that took place in the 2013 film directed by Bong Joon-ho. It will center on the remaining survivors who inhabit a gigantic, perpetually-moving train that circles the globe. Survival among social injustice and class warfare are what to be expected of this series.

“I’m a personal fan of Bong Joon-ho’s epic film and jumped at the chance to honor his original vision, yet expand upon the world and characters with a diverse, award-winning cast,” said Sarah Aubrey who is TNT’s Executive VP of Original Programming. “Science fiction is the perfect genre to examine issues of race, class, gender and natural resources with thought-provoking and exciting storytelling. Snowpiercer will explore those relevant issues while embarking on a wild, action-filled ride.”

Cast members include Benjamin Haigh, Sasha Frolova, Mickey Sumner, Susan Park, Katie McGuinness, Alison Wright, Annalise Basso, Sam Otto, Roberto Urbina, Sheila Vand and Lena Hall.

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Source: Deadline

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