It’s all “Dilly Dilly!” until The Mountain and Dragon show up and – in a doomful twist- turn a Bud Light ad into a wicked teaser for Game of Thrones’ final season. RIP Bud Knight

Bud Light has been running their medieval-themed marketing campaign for a while now, but they’ve never gone full Game of Thrones before and it’s a spectacular twist on their standard commercials that brought that classic event entertainment feel to the Super Bowl commercial lineup.

In the Super Bowl LII commercial, the jousting scene from season 1 is recreated, introducing a character referred to as the “Bud Knight.” However, despite his grand introduction, the Bud Knight is knocked off his horse by none other than Gregor Clegane (aka The Mountain). And, apart from recreating one of the show’s most classic death scenes, the ad ends with a surprising, literally show-stopping cameo. And then a dragon appears — to the theme music from “Game of Thrones” — and blowtorches fire from above onto the realm. Words come onscreen: “Game of Thrones: The Final Season. HBO.” And, as the title card announces the final season of Game of Thrones, the ad offers one last glimpse of the fallen Bud Knight.

Though the ad offers nothing in the way of season 8’s plot, it’s a fun distraction for fans eagerly awaiting the show’s premiere. Seeing as season 7’s finale was all the way back in summer 2017, this is the longest that fans have had to wait for Game of Thrones between seasons.

The 8th and final season of Game of Thrones premieres April 14, 2019 on HBO.

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