Here is the trailer for the 5th and Final Season of Killjoys. Premieres July 19th at 9pm CST on SyFy. Season 5 will be 10 episodes.

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Killjoys takes place in the far future, mostly around the Quad, a system of a dwarf planet and its three moons, over which exists a rigidly stratified society. The series follows the exploits of a trio of bounty hunters, the enigmatic ex-assassin Dutch and her two partners in not-quite-crime, the tech wizard Johnny and his former soldier brother D’avin, as they traverse the system in search of their quarry while trying to do the right thing as they are caught up in a shadowy conspiracy and the rumblings of a class war that continually threatens to break out.

Across the four worlds are the Reclamation Apprehension Coalition (RAC). Sworn to remain neutral of inter-societal politics as they are tasked to seize property and persons of interest across the Quad. With war escalating and otherworldly monsters attacking, the RAC’s neutrality will be called into question during the final season. As the teaser reveals they have 27 days before the galaxy comes to an apocalyptic end. Still haunted by their respective pasts, the RAC will now have to fight for the future.

Killjoys Final Season will be on SyFy July 19th, 2019 at 9pm CST.

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Source: SyFy, Screenrant, CBR

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