Marvel's What If...? Logo
Marvel's What If...? Logo

Marvel’s What If…? TV series, which will be available exclusively on the Disney+ streaming service, will explore all 23 MCU movies.

What If…? is an adaptation of Marvel’s long-running series by the same name that imagines alternate outcomes to some of the biggest moments in the publisher’s history. Examples from the page include speculative stories exploring what if everyone knew Daredevil was blind, what if Doctor Doom had conquered Camelot and what if Conan the Barbarian was stranded in the 20th century.

It’s tempting to dismiss alternate universe concepts because they’re naturally disconnected from the main timeline. However, that would be a mistake; the best What If? comics used unusual narrative tools to shine a new light on characters and concepts. They were often as important in defining the heroes as the canon comic books themselves. What’s more, many of the ideas proved attractive enough to ultimately make their way into the mainstream continuity, one notable example being Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor. Marvel Studios is clearly treating What If…? with the seriousness it deserves, recruiting the film actors themselves as voice-cast for the animated projects.

What If…? will also explore what it would take to make Steve into Iron Man. It was confirmed today that the Marvel Zombies storyline will be adapted for the show in some capacity.

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