The Russo Brothers were enthusiastic about the possibility of their upcoming Magic: The Gathering Netflix show having a live-action spinoff one day.

According to the Russo brothers, who spoke today at Comic-Con International in San Diego, there is a chance fans might get to see a live-action Magic: The Gathering takes form… eventually. The brothers didn’t expand on how such a live-action project might come about or what shape it might take, but the prospect of a live-action Magic: The Gathering story is tantalizing enough.

“It’s an animated project with the potential to spin it off into live-action,” said Joe Russo. “It’s a game we love — we’re geeks and love Magic: The Gathering and we’re excited to tell stories with it.”

A live-action spinoff of the Magic: The Gathering Netflix series sounds incredibly appealing, particularly given the art direction of the franchise lately. With a resurgence in recent years of video game properties receiving media spinoffs and adaptations of this nature, including the highly-anticipated The Witcher show starring Henry Cavill, the market is ripe for this sort of exploration.

The Russos are also set to adapt the graphic novel The Electric State and comic Grim Jack, and they’re even attached to produce a Battle of the Planets film.

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