Star Wars Skeleton Crew
Star Wars Skeleton Crew

New footage of a speeder bike sequence from Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, Jon Watts’ upcoming Disney+ series, has emerged online.

The Bespin Bulletin captured the footage while on location at California State University, Dominguez Hills. The outlet reports that the performer riding the speeder is Ravi Cabot-Conyers’ stunt double. The brief video shows the stuntman turn the speeder bike abruptly as if to stop or avoid hitting something, before being thrown from the vehicle.

In February, news broke that Disney and producer Jon Favreau were developing an untitled Star Wars series under the working title Grammar Rodeo. In May, Star Wars Celebration brought word of the series’ official title, Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, and that Jude Law was attached to star.

Created by director Jon Watts and writer Christopher Ford, Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is described as a coming-of-age story akin to classic Amblin films of the 1980s set in The Mandalorian era of the Star Wars universe. The series follows a group of children trying to find their way home after the fall of the Galactic Empire. Encanto‘s Ravi Cabot-Conyers and United States of AI‘s Kryiana Kratter are rumored to be among the actors playing these children, though Disney has yet to confirm their casting.

Skeleton Crew Will Speed Onto Disney+

Little else is known about the plot of Star Wars: Skeleton Crew and the cast and crew have been keeping behind-the-scenes content under lock and key since cameras started rolling in July. Disney has only released one official image from the series so far, which was the first look at Law in costume unveiled during the D23 Fan Expo. During this event, Watts said he pitched the series to Favreau while on the set of Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man films, in which Favreau appears as Happy Hogan.

Favreau launched Disney+’s universe of live-action Star Wars series with The Mandalorian in 2019, which he shepherds alongside Dave Feloni. The filmmaker had been eyeing Watts for a Star Wars project when Watts presented him with the concept for Skeleton Crew, apparently telling Favreau that he and longtime collaborator Christopher Ford had “a fully formed idea for what we would want to.” Though a new and untested addition to Star Wars canon, Skeleton Crew‘s first season budget is said to be around $136 million, which puts it well ahead of The Mandalorian‘s $100 million debut season.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew does not yet have an official release date, but the series is expected to hit Disney+ sometime in 2023.