Stephen King The Stand
Stephen King The Stand

The Stand miniseries is getting an extra boost from the King of Horror himself, Stephen King. King will be writing a new ending for the CBS All Access series. Previously adapted as a miniseries in 1994, The Stand takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a weaponized virus spreads into a global pandemic and kills off almost the entire population of the planet save for isolated survivors who are inexplicably immune, while also bringing about the complete collapse of worldwide society.

During the CBS All Access presentation at TCA, executive vice president of original content Julie McNamara made the announcement. “Stephen King writing continuation to The Stand, I can’t wait for that,” states McNamara. With King writing the last chapter of the series, there will be a new twist on the original novel.

Along with King’s new ending for the series, McNamara confirms the rumored cast by announcing James Marsden as Stu Redman with Amber Heard, Odessa Young and Henry Zaga portraying Nadine Cross, Frannie Goldsmith, and Nick Andros, respectively. Marilyn Mason will be a part of the series in an unknown role while contributing to the soundtrack.

The miniseries is expected to air in late 2020. Production is set to begin in September and end in March of next year.

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