Stranger Things 4 Logo
Stranger Things 4 Logo

Netflix has released a teaser for Stranger Things season 4. After premiering in 2016, Netflix’s original series quickly became one of the streamer’s most successful shows of all time. Each subsequent season has proven more popular than the last, making the most recent delays all the more painful. Like the rest of Hollywood, production on Stranger Things season 4 was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, giving the Duffer brothers time to finish the scripts for the show in quarantine. The cast and crew returned to production, but it seemed like the wait may still be long.

Star Finn Wolfhard has said that Stranger Things may not premiere until 2022, while Gaten Matarazzo has said that production has been a slower process than usual. Still, that hasn’t stopped the cast from hyping up the season, declaring it the scariest entry yet. Considering the ending of season 3 and the multiple cliffhangers that left fans reeling, any news about the show is welcome. Now, Stranger Things fans have received the best news yet.

Netflix premiered the brand new teaser for season 4 after hinting at a release with a mysterious video yesterday. Stranger Things fourth season looks to being going back in time, taking viewers back to Hawkins Lab where Eleven and her siblings are still being experimented on. Dr. Brenner’s distinct voice can be heard over the clip, asking, “Eleven, are you listening?” before Eleven opens her eyes in a close-up at the end of the clip. Check out the full video below:

While not the trailer many had been hoping for, the Stranger Things teaser is a promising sign of things to come. With promotional materials for the show finally beginning to emerge, it’s a hint that maybe things aren’t taking as long as the cast has previously teased. Although there’s no official announcement along with the teaser, it seems like Stranger Things season 4 could debut before the end of the year after almost two years out from the series’ third season premiere in 2019.

Stranger Things already introduced Eight AKA Kali, one of Eleven’s fellow test subjects from Hawkins Lab. Although the episode she appeared in was divisive, the introduction of Eleven’s super-powered sibling was an enticing hint at the possibilities of exploring the effects of Hawkins Labs’ experiments. Whether or not Stranger Things brings out more of Eleven’s siblings in the present timeline of the series remains to be seen, but it certainly looks as if the series will be diving deep into Eleven’s past once again to understand her future.