‘The 100’ season 6 trailer starts out pretty reasonably with a group of survivors heading out to explore the new planet, it soon descends into total madness. 


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This trailer offers a little more insight into what’s happening on this new planet. Monty spent decades trying to find it. It certainly looks like they might have been better off all staying asleep until the next new place came along.

There’s a cute looking town that appears to have been abandoned. But there are definitely some scary-looking people nearby. That children’s book explains a couple of things a little more clearly:

“Trees and plants give us shade, and we eat them every day, but when the stars align, and the forest wakes, it’s time to run away. For two days, heaven is hell, and friends are foe. So few are safe, once they’re exposed.”

There’s lots of fighting, and it appears that the ship has been hijacked. Clarke gets to enjoy a fancy dinner with the new probably bad guy, played by J.R. Bourne. People are dying, and everyone seems to think they’re going to hell, which is fun.

Somehow the whole thing looks exactly like typical The 100 while also looking like a brand new show, which it sort of is.

The 100 premieres Tuesday, April 30 at 9/8c on The CW

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Source: ENews

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