Homelander Vs Brightburn Kid
Homelander Vs Brightburn Kid

Some stunning new fan art shows The Boys’ Homelander staring down a terrifying Brandon Breyer. The Boys season 2’s first few episodes dropped earlier this month, and centers around the ongoing power struggle between the psychopathic heroes of The Seven and the eponymous group of The Boys, who are determined to take them down.

However, The Boys is far from the only piece of media to examine a world full of twisted superheroes. The 2019 superhero horror film Brightburn tells the story of Brandon Breyer, an alien who lands on Earth and is adopted by a couple from Brightburn, Kansas. While the film is an obvious play on Superman’s origin story, Brandon Breyer takes a completely different route than the Man of Steel. Instead of becoming a hero, Brandon ends up as a supervillain, where he goes on a bloody massacre and terrorizes innocent civilians.

Artist axel___pc shared some incredible fan art on Instagram, which shows Homelander and Queen Maeve facing off against Brandon Breyer. The entire scene is set high in the sky, above the ocean. Homelander and Maeve are facing away from the camera, although Homelander’s star-spangled cape features prominently in the image. Most chilling of all, though, is Brandon Breyer, who hovers in their direct view in his trademark striped shirt and glowing red eyes. You can check out the eerie piece here:

In his accompanying caption, axel___pc writes that he hopes Homelander’s son “won’t follow his father’s footsteps, or Brightburn’s.” This is a reference to Homelander’s child, Ryan. Although Ryan has inherited at least some of his father’s superpowers, his mother deliberately raised him away from his sociopathic father. As a result, Ryan is gentle and soft-mannered, although his rage does shine through when Homelander threatens Becca Butcher. That being said, here’s to hoping that axel___pc is right; if Ryan is pushed too far and starts taking after his father – or Brandon Breyer – the world will be in serious trouble.

While Homelander is certainly a supervillain in his own right, he’s managed to hide his murderous tendencies, at least up to this point. As The Boys season 2 builds, though, it’s clear that Homelander is reaching a breaking point. As such, while Homelander temporarily remains on the side of the angels, staring down Brandon Breyer in axel___pc’s fan art, the unhinged hero is just a step away from showing his true colors, which is sure to be a disaster for everyone involved.