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The Boys Amazon

The Boys season 2 premiere date will be announced soon, promises creator Eric Kripke. Last year, Amazon Prime released the first season of The Boys, a subversive, darkly comic take on the superhero genre. The show is based on the comic book series of the same name created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. It follows a group of vigilantes aiming to take down a group of corrupt, beloved superheroes known as the Seven. Not long after its debut, The Boys became one of the biggest streaming series of the summer and one of Amazon’s biggest shows ever. Unsurprisingly, a second season was ordered before the show even premiered, though aside from a teaser trailer that debuted at CCXP last December, things have been quiet for some time now.

Star Karl Urban previously suggested The Boys will return around mid-2020, which falls in line with the summer 2019 premiere date season 1 got. Considering how well-received season 1 was, expectations are high for season 2, especially since it looks like it’ll hew closer to the comics. The recently released episode titles for The Boys season 2 are all references to the comics. They’ve served to help stir up excitement for the upcoming season, which will likely pick up right where season 1’s cliffhanger left off.

Kripke offered an update for fans eager to learn the status of The Boys season 2. After confirming that work on the season hasn’t been derailed by the coronavirus pandemic (which has shut down and delayed lots of productions), Kripke promised “we’re SO CLOSE” to being done. He also added, “Airdate (& other cool shit) will be announced SOON!” You can see his full post (which also includes a selfie with some of the cast members) down below:

The first trailer for The Boys season 2 promised more bloody action, one of the things that let The Boys stand out from other superhero properties. The fight to take down the Seven will continue into the season, though the arrival of a new member, Stormfront (Aya Cash), might complicate matters for Billy Butcher (Urban) and his team. With so many plot threads left dangling, fans are eager to see where The Boys goes next.

Since The Boys season 1 premiered on Amazon on July 26 last year, there’s a good chance season 2 will follow a similar timeline. The remote VFX and sound work might move forward a bit slower due to the pandemic, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to delay the season too much. This means fans can likely expect a late July release date, or possibly early August. Until Amazon makes an official announcement, everything is speculation. However, Kripke’s comments are promising, and hopefully it won’t be much longer until fans get The Boys back on their screens.

The Boys season 2 will premiere on Amazon Prime later this year.

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