Boba Fett
Boba Fett

Temuera Morrison, who played Jango Fett in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, will play Boba Fett in Season 2 of Disney+’s The Mandalorian.

According to THR, Morrison’s Boba Fett will play a small role in Season 2. The outlet also confirms the longstanding fan theory that the character was indeed teased at the end of the Season 1 episode “The Gunslinger.” That episode ended with a shadowy figure approaching the lifeless body of Ming-Na Wen’s Fennec Shand, and notably, Shand will also be returning for Season 2.

Morrison played Boba Fett’s “father” Jango Fett in the aforementioned Attack of the Clones. In actuality, though, Jango was used as the genetic template for the Republic’s clone army, and Boba was merely a clone not imbued with the soldiers’ accelerated aging, whom Jango raised as a son until he was killed by Mace Windu at the Battle of Geonosis.

As for Boba, he seemingly died in Return of the Jedi when he was knocked into the Sarlacc pit by a blinded Han Solo. However, in the non-canon Expanded Universe (aka Legends), he escaped his would-be grave and resumed his rivalry with Han.

At the time of this writing, it’s unclear if the version of Boba Fett that appears in The Mandalorian will take any cues from his EU counterpart.

Created by Jon Favreau, The Mandalorian stars Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano, Carl Weathers and Giancarlo Esposito. Season 1 is available now on Disney+, with Season 2 premiering in October.

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