The Mandalorian Scout Trooper Figure
The Mandalorian Scout Trooper Figure

The latest bit of merchandise for The Mandalorian is a Scout Trooper toy, and it comes with its own punchable Baby Yoda. As the first live-action Star Wars series to arrive on Disney+, The Mandalorian became a massive hit almost instantly, and that was largely because of Baby Yoda. Fans were quick to praise the show’s expansion of the Star Wars universe along with Pedro Pascal’s title character, but Baby Yoda undoubtedly stole the show from his very first appearance at the end of the first episode. Baby Yoda was kept secret leading up to The Mandalorian‘s arrival but has become an internet sensation in the time since, something Pascal predicted well ahead of time.

In The Mandalorian’s first season finale, Baby Yoda (called The Child in Star Wars canon) is temporarily taken captive by a pair of Scout Troopers. The presence of those Scout Troopers are fun cameos taken on their own, as they’re played by Jason Sudeikis and Adam Pally. However, those Troopers soon became the source of fan ire for one big reason: They hurt Baby Yoda. Aside from simply kidnapping him, it was Sudeikis’ Trooper who outright punched Baby Yoda. Needless to say, fans did not take kindly to his treatment of their new favorite character; they even went so far as to add the offense to Sudeikis’ Wikipedia page.

Like all Star Wars projects, The Mandalorian has led to a plethora of new toy opportunities. While fans desperately await Baby Yoda toys delayed by coronavirus, Hot Toys has unveiled its new Scout Trooper figure, which comes with a speeder bike. A collectible set will include its own Baby Yoda in a satchel, though it’s up to the fans if they want the Trooper to punch him. See it for yourself down below:

The Scout Troopers were operating under the orders of Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), The Mandalorian‘s mysterious lead villain. Gideon’s full motivations have yet to be realized, but he’s expected to play a large role in season 2. The Mandalorian will return to Disney+ in October with a season that has been teased as something that will blow fans’ minds. To ease the wait, Disney+ has announced a Mandalorian documentary that will premiere on Star Wars day, May 4.

Baby Yoda’s journey will continue into The Mandalorian’s next season, though hopefully he won’t be getting punched again. It speaks to the popularity of the character that fans took his attack so personally, and it further suggests The Mandalorian will continue to be popular leading into season 2 and beyond. A third season is already in development, so Baby Yoda might have a long life ahead of him.

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