The 1991 season 3 episode of The Simpsons that featured Michael Jackson’s voice will be removed completely. This decision was mutually agreed upon between the show’s executive producer James L. Brooks, creator Matt Groening, and showrunner Al Jean after the release of HBO’s Leaving Neverland.

The HBO documentary revealed the hidden stories of James Safechuck and Wade Robson who share their disturbing experiences as young boys around Michael Jackson. In one scene, Wade Robson reveals that Michael Jackson warned him that if they are unable to keep their intimacy private, then they both would be locked up for the rest of their lives.

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Based on this documentary, the executive producer feels that it is only right to remove, completely, the episode titled “Stark Raving Dad,” where Michael Jackson voiced the mentally-ill character named Leon Kompowsky. Jackson was never credited with the voice of Leon Kompowsky at the time until years later.

In an interview the executive producer had with The Wall Street Journal, he stated, “I’m against book burning of any kind. But this is our book, and we’re allowed to take out a chapter,”

Whether these allegations are true or not, The Simpsons are removing the episode from streaming services, Television, Blu-Ray, and DVDs. Although they may receive backlash from their fans, they feel like the allegations of the two men featured in the HBO documentary are enough to pull this episode from circulation.

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