True Lies TV Series
True Lies TV Series

The trailer for True Lies offers a first look at CBS’ TV series reboot of the James Cameron-directed action film. True Lies began as a 1994 movie written, produced, and directed by Cameron, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis as Harry and Helen Tasker. The film also starred Bill Paxton, Tom Arnold, Eliza Dushku, and Grant Heslov. The plot of True Lies saw Schwarzenegger’s special agent combatting a terrorist threat while also keeping tabs on his wife before she uncovers the truth of who he is and becomes embroiled in the mission.

The reboot of True Lies adapts the story for a television format, with Cameron back as an executive producer. The series stars Shameless‘ Steve Howey as Harry, and Ginger Gonzaga, who is set to appear in Disney+’s She-Hulk series, as Helen. The True Lies show also features a similar setup as the film, with Helen believing Harry could be having an affair, only to discover that he is leading a double life as a world-class spy.

CBS shared the official trailer for True Lies on YouTube, which highlights the character dynamics, action, and comedy of the new series. Kicking things off, the trailer gives viewers a glimpse of Harry balancing his work and home life, showing how he is texting her through a third party while taking down a weapons dealer. As Harry’s lies begin to compound, Helen suspects him of infidelity, prompting him to surprise her with a trip to Paris, which is revealed to be another mission. When his work life collides with his personal life, Harry and Helen learn the truth of their relationship, which initially causes conflict, but they look to thrive through their new honesty. Check out the trailer for CBS’ True Lies series below:

Stepping into Schwarzenegger and Curtis’ shoes is no easy task, but Howey and Gonzaga look to deliver on the characters, highlighted by quality chemistry. Aside from the central characters, the trailer highlights numerous side characters, like Harry’s coworkers questioning his decisions, much like Tom Arnold in the original True Lies. However, the most exciting aspect of the series seems to be Helen finding out about Harry’s work early on, which means she could likely be involved as a spy from the start of the show. While that varies slightly from Curtis’ portrayal of Helen in the film, it does offer a unique setup for the more long-form storytelling of a television series.

It also looks like fans of True Lies can rest easy, as the show seems to embrace what audiences loved about the movie. Having Cameron back as an executive producer also likely played a part in adapting the look and feel of the film for television. True Lies is slated to debut on CBS for the 2022-2023 season. However, no specific release date has been provided. Further details on the True Lies series will be available as the show nears release.