Zombie Captain America What If Poster
Zombie Captain America What If Poster

The posters for this week’s installment of What If…? are spookier than normal, giving fans a peek at a zombified Captain America and Hawkeye. The MCU’s latest expansion into television has only just begun, but it has already yielded some very interesting stories. In addition to the live-action fare from earlier this year, like WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the MCU has found a unique way to explore the multiverse with the animated What If…?. The series first began in August and is expected to run into early October; season 2 is already on the way.

Each episode of What If…? takes a particular MCU movie and offers an alternate track for its characters. For example, the series premiere imagined a Captain America: The First Avenger where Peggy Carter was the one to take the super soldier serum. The most recent installment, What If…? episode 4, tweaked Doctor Strange’s origin by having him lose his love instead of his heart in the devastating car accident from his first movie. This week, What If…? will move on from that by introducing the zombie apocalypse to the MCU.

On Monday, Marvel Studios unveiled two posters for What If…? episode 5. “Assemble the undead,” the post ominously read before serving up a new peek at two of the installment’s zombie characters. What If…? will find both Captain America and Hawkeye succumbing to whatever zombie virus is loose in the world. Though Captain America’s undead look has been teased before, this is the first time Hawkeye’s has been revealed. Check it out below… if you dare.

Another MCU character already confirmed to be a member of the undead in What If…? episode 5 is Iron Man; his zombie form was shown in a trailer for the series. Audiences can probably expect a few more beloved characters to fall prey to this phenomenon, but at least one person will be taking a stand against them. Spider-Man is a zombie hunter in What If…?, and as merchandise and trailer shots have revealed, he’ll be wearing Doctor Strange’s iconic cloak. How that came to be remains to be seen, but fans will find out on Wednesday.

Other than that, little is known about how What If…?‘s zombie episode will shake out. This installment feels more in line with episode 3, which considered what would’ve happened if someone murdered all of the Avengers before they became a team. That episode took place around the events of Iron Man 2, Thor, and The Incredible Hulk; where episode 5 will fall on the MCU’s timeline hasn’t been revealed just yet. All that’s clear now is that Captain America and Hawkeye won’t be feeling so good this week.