X-Men The Animated Series
X-Men The Animated Series

X-Men: The Animated Series gets an “unofficial official trailer” in modern movie trailers’ style to promote its availability on Disney+. Despite having aired 25 years ago, the classic animated series remains popular and is still considered one of the best animated shows to emerge from that golden era. And since all five seasons have been available on Disney+ since launch, it’s only increased in popularity. Former producer and director Larry Houston even revealed earlier this year that he’d held talks with Disney to revive the show.

Nothing has come of those talks as yet, but that hasn’t dimmed fan enthusiasm. People who originally watched the show as children rediscovered its charms as adults and even shared nostalgia with their children. X-Men: The Animated Series combined classic comic storylines, like “Days of Future Past” and “The Phoenix Saga” with sharp writing and top-quality animation while remaining accessible to children. Even the theme song has become iconic, with a fan recently recreating it in epic fashion using eight cellos.

Now, perhaps realizing the popularity of the show on the streaming service, Disney+ has cut together what it calls an “unofficial official” trailer for X-Men: The Animated Series, in the style of a modern movie trailer. From epic orchestral background music to foreboding title cards, the trailer cuts together dramatic scenes from a number of the show’s seasons to create the effect of one grand overarching epic. Despite this re-tooling of the show (it had several separate self-contained stories throughout its five-season run), the trailer is a worthy re-imagining of the show for a modern audience and should get new fans on board. You can see it below:

Despite all of its strong points, the trailer is missing one key ingredient – the theme tune. For some reason, perhaps rights issues, it isn’t included, and it only reinforces the point that the song did elevate the opening sequence. It just isn’t the same seeing the X-Men clash with Magneto’s mutants without the classic track playing behind it. Still, it’s a small matter and doesn’t take away from the trailer’s overall effect, which is to collect many great moments from the show that remind casual fans why they loved X-Men: The Animated Series in the first place.

It also gives the series a much-needed update, perhaps a subtle acknowledgment that without the series, the Fox X-Men universe may never have launched in the first place. X-Men: The Animated Series set the template for the movies, with disgraced director Bryan Singer borrowing a number of character elements from the show, despite rejecting the use of the classic black and yellow costumes, and even casting Beast’s voice actor George Buza in a cameo in X-Men.

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